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BuildSourced Announces Expanded Capabilities and New Product Line, Changes Company Name to Tenna

BuildSourced Announces Expanded Capabilities and New Product Line, Changes Company Name to Tenna

27, Sep, 2017

BuildSourced, a technology company incubated in The Conti Group devoted to revolutionizing industrial asset tracking and analytics, today announced it has changed its name to Tenna™ in order to reflect the Company’s expanded capabilities and new product line as well as its vision for the future. The Company also unveiled its new company logo, tagline, and website.

Tenna’s physical asset management platform intelligently reveals and maximizes the hidden value of a company’s equipment and resources. It is uniquely one platform of proprietary hardware that now includes RFID, as well as software for comprehensively tracking all of a company’s assets, from small tools to heavy vehicles.

“We are building on the rapid growth of our first years at BuildSourced, with innovative capabilities providing a single, comprehensive physical asset management solution for industrial asset management,” said Austin Conti, founder and CEO of Tenna. “Our expanded product portfolio can now completely solve our customers’ end-to-end asset management needs. We are excited to reveal our new name, look, tagline and website that will carry the company into the future,” said Conti.

Tenna Expands Asset Management Portfolio Tenna’s comprehensive product line includes new products available immediately, as well as new products available for preorder now for delivery in the first quarter 2018. Available immediately, Tenna’s RFID trackers enable automatic, real time inventory for dedicated, site-wide tracking. Tenna’s RFID tags transmit radio signals that uniquely identify tools and equipment, allowing for instant inventories to be taken by employees or automated ‘gateways’. Tenna records assets as they travel into or out of yards or sites, enabling the cost-effective identification and control of each vehicle, tow-behind equipment, or tool on a project or job site, in a warehouse or in the yard. Tenna connects operations with a complete, end-to-end portfolio of asset management solutions, which eliminates inefficiencies that can cost time and money on every project. Available for preorders now and shipping in first quarter of 2018:

  • Bluetooth – Asset trackers that discretely and automatically transmit their location by connecting to nearby smartphones or cellular trackers.

  • GPS – Transmitters that connect to a global satellite navigation system to provide asset location and movement.

  • Cellular trackers – GPS asset tracking devices that connect to cellular networks to automatically track equipment and provide fleet monitoring anywhere they are located.

  • LoRa trackers – Automatic GPS asset trackers that use a private network set up exclusively to track the movement of assets within a large area instead of using cellular carrier networks.

Tenna™ Asset Management Solutions As an innovative technology company, Tenna uses Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technology to deliver intelligent and autonomous industrial asset tracking and analytics to industrial organizations looking to take control of their inventory’s hidden value.

Tenna’s asset software and tracking devices allow companies to manage the entire inventory on one consolidated system. With Tenna’s comprehensive range of QR code, RFID tracking, cellular and LoRa GPS asset tracking solutions, companies can monitor every kind of tool, machine or vehicle — all on one convenient asset tracker dashboard. Organizations can also find more efficiency by not paying for multiple equipment tracking systems.

Tenna Logo, Tag Line and Website The new logo brings a sharp new visual identify tied to Tenna’s mission of providing valuable asset insight. One can see the mark as a building structure, a hidden “T” letterform, an antenna, or even a doorway to knowledge or data.

The Company’s new tagline, “Find More,” conveys Tenna’s dedication to helping construction companies and industrial organizations discover the unseen potential in their assets. Tenna helps companies find more of their physical assets, find more insights, find more operational efficiency, find more time, find more productivity, find more value from their assets, and find it all more easily.

The redesigned www.tenna.com website incorporates the look and feel of the new Tenna brand and serves as an informational resource that incorporates customer testimonials. The Tenna website features Tenna Shop for customers to explore Tenna’s wide range of asset management solutions, including trackers, tags, and scanners. The website also includes a new Company blog and an ROI calculator that quickly allows organizations to see how an investment in Tenna asset tracking and equipment management may help them grow their business and the bottom line.

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