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Strengthening Work-Life Balance

Strengthening Work-Life Balance

26, Sep, 2013

As part of the company’s commitment to supporting employees with a positive balance between their home and work lives, Conti has launched an initiative to increase health awareness and best practices.

Conti’s program focuses on preventative measures over reactive behavior. The company encourages employees to consciously make decisions and take actions to maintain health on a daily basis. This serves to prevent health complications rather than reacting to them they happen. Accordingly, Conti offers its employees High Deductible Health Plans, such as a Health Savings Account plan, which are designed to help them proactively prevent health risks. The company also sponsors activities such as free health screenings and encourages walking meetings.

“The same way a major safety incident impacts our jobs, major health events impact our work and also the benefits we are able to offer,” said Dawn Robinson, Conti Human Resources Manager. “That’s why we seek to support our employees and help them protect themselves to prevent health complications before they happen.”

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